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ONVIF Device Manager description

Onvifdm library is a free and open-source ONVIF network video client (NVC) implementation written in C# to manage network video transmitter (NVC) devices such as ip-cameras and video encoders. The library allows security solution providers to develop custom video surveillance applications and to integrate ONVIF-compliant devices in legacy video management systems.

Onvifdm application is a free and open-source graphic user interface for the Onvifdm library. It enables CCTV installers and end-users to manage network video transmitters with advanced features such as embedded video analytics. A system integrator may customize the application to provide a differentiating product or service.


· Network device discovery (WS-Discovery)
· Live video display
· Video capture configuration (digital sensor or analogue inputs)
· Encoder configuration
· Video analytics configuration
· Event and metadata configuration
· Alert rule management
· Firmware update
· Local storage / network storage recording
· PTZ camera control


· Microsoft .NET Framework

Recent changes:

Version 2.2.231 includes

· Bug [ONVIFDM-416] - password and name should be ecoded as utf8 during calculating password digest
· [ONVIFDM-417] - incoorect logic for time zone rule selection
· [ONVIFDM-418] - time zone original string should be shown in case if there are no matches with systme time znones
· [ONVIFDM-419] - incorrect handling of Julian day
· [ONVIFDM-420] - GetDaOfWeekPosixNumber() returns incorrect values for Wednesday and Thursday
· [ONVIFDM-421] - two ways of formatting the POSIX string for fixed date rules... [ONVIFDM-425] - we can select roles Anonymous and Extended on page Modify User.
· [ONVIFDM-428] - player failed to play streams 1080p

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