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Windows XP Snipping Tool brings the basic functionality of Windows 7 Snipping Tool to Windows XP. Crop, resize, copy to clipboard are some of its screen shot features. It is developed in C#.

Recent changes:

Version Beta includes

· Added Print Button that lets you print with or without aspect ratio fixing.
· Added Hotkey for Print Screen button to print directly to default printer, optionally use it as capture key.
· Added Options Button and Form to let you pick three options (Hide on Startup which had code to hide, but wasn't being done, Print Screen button Prints to default printer, Printing fixes aspect ratio)

· Changed Settings to save to registry instead of using settings file.
· Changed GNU form to use registry instead of settings file.
· Changed project to .Net 4.0

· Fixed startup form hiding that was bugged.
· Fixed transfer of image from form to form to not require a save file (making it slow).
· Fixed Project default namespace and assembly to match existing one.
· Fixed notification name to be XP Snipping Tool.

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