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ET Viewer description

ET Viewer description

View and analyze PDB files with this tool.

ET Viewer is a simple, easy to use application designed to help you view PDB archives.

This tool will offer users an ET Wizard that automatically performs ET analyses starting from PDB file names, or actual PDB formatted files, as input, and yielding an .etvx file of the relative ranks of evolutionary importance of each sequence residue as output. The Wizard lets you adjust the parameters of ET runs through the ET Wizard interface.

You also will find a molecular graphics display that reads the .etvx files and produces a colored structural map of the importance of each residue in the protein. Typically, top-ranked residues will cluster significantly (as assessed by a z-score), and reveal functional sites that become evident as protein surface areas with a high density of top-ranked residues. The alignment and the evolutionary tree used as input to the ET can also be shown.

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