MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is indeed one of the most influential and also amazing laptops that we humans have seen ever since the invention of laptops. This combination of metal and glass has proven to be incredibly amazing to us because it helps us do so much, and it helps us be so productive. It is a very powerful device indeed, and it has been popular to help increase the productivity so many times again and again. It can indeed be a bit complicated if you are someone who has never used macOS before. Therefore, if you are a newbie, I have made sure to include some really interesting tips and tricks that you can make use of. Take note that this list is based on the MacBook Pro running macOS High Sierra.

High Speed

  • It works with amazing speeds, and it also has all kinds of multi-touch gestures that have been equipped with really great functionalities. One of the first things that you should be familiar with is the massive and also very smooth touch track pad. There is also a reason why the MacBook Pro is so big and why it feels different when compared to other laptops. It has been equipped with capabilities which can recognize multiple fingers just like your smartphone screen. The multi-touch functionality is indeed much better in the MacBook Pro and simply cannot be matched by any other brands.
  • The Siri integration with the MacBook Pro is simply amazing. You can tell her to do all kinds of things for you, and she will do it just a couple of seconds. If you are used to the Apple ecosystem, you would have heard of Siri, the lady in your phone that complies to some tasks. Siri first debuted on the iPhone and has since made her way to iPads, Apple Watches, AirPods and finally the MacBooks.
  • On the MacBook Pro, you should know that the right click means you can just single tap with 2 fingers at the same time. Honestly, it is very convenient in my opinion, and you will undoubtedly get used to it very easily.


  • Capturing screenshots is indeed one of the things that we need to learn about when we get a new device. Well, on a MacBook Pro you can just capture a screenshot by holding command + shift + 3. The MacBook Pro will capture the entire screen and send that as a photo to the ‘Photos’ app.
  • You can plug in more and more devices using Thunderbolt.
  • You can work more efficiently with using the split screen feature.
  • If you are a millennial, Emojis are the best ways to ensure that you express these emotions well. If you are looking for all your smileys, Macbook Pro has got an extensive collection of those which you can easily access. All you have to do is press Control +Command +Space and you will have it appear right in front of you.


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