Convert PDF files to EPUB format and view them on any eBook reader

Extract text and image contents from PDF documents and orgnize them to EPUB format with iMacsoft PDF to EPUB Converter (Windows version). It provides access to the text and image content in PDF documents without requiring any Adobe product, like Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader or other PDF readers, to be installed on your computer system. And the extracted text and image content is saved to EPUB format so you can view them on any eBook readers compatible with EPUB.

With iMacsoft PDF to EPUB Converter, PDF to EPUB conversion can be accomplished in just 3 steps: Drag and drop files to application, choose the conversion mode and hit “Convert”! Also it will allow you to easily convert certain PDF page or PDF document range into the EPUB file as your own. And it processess at very high speed and you can convert multiple PDF files to EPUB files at one time.

iMacsoft PDF to EPUB Converter is an ideal choice as a PDF to EPUB converter. Free try this powerful PDF to EPUB converter now and view your PDF content with EPUB format anytime and anywhere!


The PDF to EPUB conversion page options:
· At times you need to convert only selected pages of your document. In this scenario, you don’t need to convert the complete document. iMacsoft PDF to EPUB Converter allows partial document conversion. Specify the pages or page range for conversion and the tool will convert the document accordingly.

Versatile, accommodating PDF to EPUB conversion:
· iMacsoft PDF to EPUB Converter can convert PDFs generated through any application into EPUB. This makes this tool quite versatile.

Support preview before conversion:
· Users can choose to preview the input files before conversion.


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